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Simple online advertising for business owners

Start reaching your target audience with Lekker Advertising

  • Text/Banner Ads served on our network sites & partner sites
  • Keyword Targeting for your ads to reach specific people
  • Fraud protection to ensure you get value for your money

Boost your income by placing Ads on your website.

Earn revenue from the views & clicks you receive on our ads displayed on your site

  • We will display ads which are most relevant to your site content
  • Create flexible ad units to match your website or blog colours
  • You can choose to display text ads or banner ads or both

For Advertisers

Advertise your products and services through ads displayed on our partner websites.

You create ads and set matching keywords

Create as many ads you would like to create and as many keywords you want to assign for each ad. You can select different click rates for your each keywords.

Your ads will be displayed on our partner sites & directories

Your ads will be displayed our search engines, network websites as well as our publisher websites and their search engines.

Cost effective advertising to get potential visitors to your website

Lekker Advertising gives you complete control on your monthly expenditure so that you can make sure your marketing expenses are well within your budget.

For Publishers

Earn money by placing our ads on your website!

We'll display ads that your visitors will find useful

Our system will automatically identify the content and theme of your web pages and will show relevant ads.

Displayed ads will match your website colours

Customize the look and feel of your ad units with a few mouse clicks from your control panel.

Quick payout from your publisher account

Request a cash withdrawal when you reach the minimum payout. Your withdrawal will be processed quickly directly to your bank account.

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Our powerful and cost effective advertising system allows you to advertise to a large community. You may use both text and banner ads to advertise your products and services.